If you are on this page right now, it means you know what a dramatic impact digital storytelling has on the success of nowadays' companies and organizations. It is not only about sales but also staying connected with the rest of the world and look seriously competitive! Do you sell products or offer services? No difference, what you need is a short impactful video for your website to pop on first page top of search engines like Google! And at a higher level, what else may you need? Great videos for presentations, conferences, webinars and video blogs! There is no limit to the number of new clients you can reach through DIGITAL STORYTELLING! The Forrester Research states that 1 minute video is like reading 1.8 million words, or browsing 3600 web pages. Can you believe what this means for your business?

A different type of corporate video can be made to fulfill every different objective and achieve any desired goal.

Explore my VIDEO GALLERIES below for some inspiration: conference event & videotaping, introductory and speaker support videos, organization storytelling, corporate website videos.


conferences & events.

Do you want someone to capture the success of your conference/event in all its greatness? I videotaped keynote conference and meeting speakers like Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel, FamilyFarmed CEO Jim Slama, Whole Foods regional director George Bashaw, and Chicago television star Mary Ann Childers. I will do a great job for you, too!

Your event is also a great opportunity to get video interviews with attendees, speakers, employees: I use great interview techniques designed to draw valuable testimonials, sound bites and relevant comments.  

I will videotape events and activities, and produce a video that takes a thorough retrospective look. I can provide different formats and versions of the same video to perfectly fit different platforms in social media, and more.


introductory & speaker support videos.

Do your know that speaker support videos solidify your message and brand? My speaker support videos are designed to grab your viewers' attention and increase their understanding, interest, excitement, and especially connection! I can add your Powerpoint slides as well as testimonilas, locations and graphics into the edited movie for clarity and a professional look.

And once your powerful and impressive introductory video is ready for your presentation, have you thought of keeping record of your performance as a speaker? I can come to your event and videotape your performance in full! At the end I can produce broadcast-quality full feature and highlights edited videos, even short videos for your professional blog!   


organization storytelling videos.

Do you really want your organization to succeed? Create connection with your audience, and potential customers/donors, through a deeply impactful video! I create organization storytelling videos that people can emotionally empathize with. I will help you to tell stories of past success to build faith and trust in your organization. And we will work together on a call for action for your audience to become part of your compelling stories in the different ways you need: as new customers, donors and employees!

Did you know that your video in an email has a 200-300 % more chances to be clicked on? Let me create your video today!


corporate website videos.

Are you planning to have a stunning movie created for your website? You are completely right, nothing builds connection, attracts traffic and provides sales like a compelling video! The truth is nobody feels they can completely trust you or your products until they hear your voice and are exposed to the human communication of your body language. If you love what you do and believe in your business, that is all is needed to build connection and trust in your audience, turning them into potential customers!

From FORBES Quote of the Day: "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it!" - Simon Sinek

So let's create your video today and connect with your new clients!