Do you have a personal or family story you would like to turn into a stunning movie? I can help you to make this true in few easy steps! Whether you are looking for a fun happy birthday video to share online, a fancy movie/slideshow to be screened during a social event, or a stunning feature film about your family history/personal achievements... no project is too small or too big for me to dedicate all of my energy and creativity to it! Do you need videography for your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, sport game, or special event? I can do that, too: I will be so discreet you will not even know I'm there, and I will craft the most beautiful edited movies for you, both highlight and feature length: it will feel like you can re-live the magic moments every time you watch them... forever!

Feel free to browse my VIDEO GALLERIES below for inspiration: legacy movies, documentaries, montages/slideshows, 'watch me grow' DVDS, weddings & bar/bat mitzvahs.


legacy movies.

created for private events and celebrations, family history preservation, as a gift for a loved one...

Your movie will include your photos and old footage that I can scan and transfer for you, plus live interviews, and archival memorabilia, if desired. All will be edited in a creative and elegant way that tells and reinforces your story. As these projects are highly customized, please contact the studio for more details.


Do you have an important story that you want to document in a meaningful way? If so, I will use a combination of historical research, material and interviews to document your story and make it into a very unique documentary. I can also help you to share and distribute, if desired! I am a fan of submitting films to local and international festivals!


Your documentary will include your personal memorabilia, archival photos and footage, and live interviews. I will weave this material together in a way that documents your story factually and emotionally.



Slideshows are the most immediate way to create amazing videos for your next event or as a priceless gift for a loved one! They come with music soundtrack of your choice and/or recorded voices of your family and friends. Each slideshow is unique and is taylored to your needs and wants! The montages in my collection were used in anniversary events, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, graduation parties, milestone birthday celebrations, and more...

Another great idea for an elegant and customized slideshow is the VIRTUAL PHOTO ALBUM where your old and irreplaceable photo albums are photographed in high definition page after page, and then played in a video as if someone is turning the pages for you in a film! Watch a VIRTUAL PHOTO ALBUM here.


'watch me grow' DVDs.

Do you take a large amount of videos of your kids growing up, maybe spread among different devices, and feel overwhelmed by their lack of organization? What I do is I organize them and make one long film per calendar year by editing your videos together. My lucky customers end up with a collection of DVDs, one per each year of their kids' life! What a marvelous way to preserve childhood memories and enjoy family videos at gatherings, by the fireplace, and during the holidays!

I can even come to your home and help you to download the videos from all the devices in the family so that I can produce your DVDs in no time!


weddings & bar/bat mitzvahs.

Do you or a loved one have the most important day of your life coming up? I will be honored to take care of all the video production for you in the most personalized way! I will be very discreet at your event and document all the precious moments with grace and expertise! I will deliver your favorite combination of raw footage, highlights video and beautifully edited full feature movie in a custom-designed luxury case... for a lifetime of views!

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Do you want to impress your guests in an unforgettable way? I can make a wonderful montage/slideshow to be shown on a giant screen at your event in addition to the videography services! Deliver at least 60 photos to me before the event takes place and I will do the magic!