how long will it take to make my movie?

2-12 weeks, depending on your needs. I make sure you have what you want when you need it!

can I make a movie including someone in another state?

yes! I interview people anywhere in person or virtually via FaceTime/Skype.

how much does it cost?

costs vary depending upon hours of filming and editing. if you have a specific budget, just let me know and I will accomplish your goals within your budget.

how will I share the video?

it will be easy for you to share the video on-line or with a DVD. I will be there to help throughout the process.

my photos and/or footage is old. can I use it?

yes! I scan and digitize 'old' photos and footage from any format, including VHS tapes, 8mm/Super8 film, slides...

help, I have an overwhelming amount of photos, footage, documents, stories.... I can't go through it all! can you help me?

yes! do not worry! I will take your boxes, organize them, and, after talking with you, create a movie just for you with selected material.