Lake Forest family movies

Are you looking for a party idea that is new, exciting, and memorable?

Then a Lake Forest family film is just what you need!

At its heart, my film production work is about Celebrating Life and Lake Forest community respects that: it shows in sincere commitment to family, history, and fun.

I will personally produce a unique film for each occasion. For example, a Golden Anniversary party might feature interviews with people from each decade of the couple’s life. A Sweet 16 party might feature a child’s favorite hobbies and music. A Surprise Birthday party might feature funny photos and anecdotes from friends.

No two films are alike. My specialty is curating information from diverse sources and media to create a film that celebrates each person in a unique and personal fashion.

This is a surprise movie I created for a grand 50th wedding anniversary party. As per my client's choice, we recorded relatives' and friends' messages in phone calls from all over the world ; then we used them as voice-overs to a complete slideshow of the couple's life, from birth to present day! The music is carefully selected by the customer!
This is one of the funniest and most exciting movies I ever produced! If you love to amaze your loved ones with extreme creativity, this short movie may absolutely inspire you! My client curated the kids'performance, then I filmed it with the'green screen' technique in my studio. This allowed us to get super creative with the background!
In this beautiful production my clients really wanted to appear as narrators in the film. Very last minute the one of the two that was not local could not fly in from Massachusetts so we arranged to have him narrate his part via Skype. As you can imagine, the final result is very unique with a millennial flavor!
The story of this family film is one of the sweetest! Her old mother was getting sick and my client wanted to celebrate her life in a film before it was too late. My client shot all the interviews herself, then gave the footage and family photos to me to craft the perfect movie. We worked very hard while her mother was getting sicker and sicker at the hospital. 
But she was able to see it and marvel at it, surrounded by her husband, three children, their spouses, and all her  grandchildren. What an incredible family reunion, and what a wonderful legacy film for the next generations!

To discuss your film ideas and have a free estimate done for you, please contact me.