Are you feeling overwhelmed by the boxes of old family photos and film reels in your basement? You know they are priceless memories of your loved ones... but they are just getting dusted in a corner, and chances are the delicate materials they are made of will deteriorate soon. Luckily, there is something you can do right now: let me help you to transfer them into a DVD or a flash drive for your computer. I will take your treasures directly from your hands, I will transfer them here in the North Shore (they will NEVER be shipped anywhere), organize them, and give them back to you personally.

This is not something you are doing for your ancestors, yourself and your family only; the next generations will have the privilege of being in touch with their history thanks to the choice you are making today. 


And what can you do if you don't want to disassemble a beautiful scrapbook your great-grandmother made in the early 1900's but you still want to have the photos scanned and preserved for the next generations? You can ask me for a Virtual Photo Album! In this case, I will take individual photos of your photo album pages with my Canon DSLR camera and I will create a video as charming and absolutely unique as this one:


And what happens if you use these videos to entertain? You will blow your guests away! Guaranteed!

What other great projects can you do with all the photo scans and old movie transfers you have? Let me help you to create stunning Personal and Family Movies for anniversaries, family reunions, milestone birthdays, wedding parties, exclusive gifts... and much, much more!